How we started

How we started

Boomerang Cardiff initially started back in August 2012, before a name had even been thought of, Paul Gwilym, founder of Boomerang Cardiff had a conversation with two homeless people one evening, it was at this moment Paul Gwilym’ s mind went into overdrive thinking of ways he could help. For the next few years Paul invested time and effort into helping the people that live on the streets of Cardiff, roping in other volunteers and meeting new people along the way. The desire to press on in providing basic essentials to those in need continued, so much so 2016 was the time to expand.
Through all the hard work, commitment and perseverance, Paul finally managed to secure keys to an industrial unit in the Splott area of the city, this is when things started to turn, and Boomerang Cardiff now had a base. From a conversation with the homeless people of Cardiff, to helping sending out blankets and spare clothes, to sending out hot drinks and meals, the times finally turned, not for Boomerang itself, but for the endless list of ways in which they could help.
Boomerang Cardiff now had an established centre, to some just an empty unit, but to the Boomerang team, a home, a place where we are able to stock supplies, prepare food, and bring the community together.
Who are we?

Boomerang Cardiff are a newly founded charity that aim to help and support local families that are down on their luck. Boomerang are basically a team of individuals working together for the common good and aim to tackle poverty. Each and every person that works for Boomerang has either experienced homelessness or the strains of poverty themselves or knows of a person who has. Our aims are simple, to provide help to people who need it and fast, clothing and food to the homeless, furniture and household items to those living on the poverty line’. Literally anyone who has a genuine need, Boomerang Cardiff is here to help without prejudice.

We believe that our strapline is simple and carries a powerful message
‘No one can help everyone but everyone can help someone’

Our mission

Our mission is also simple, to support people that are down in their luck quickly and efficiently to enable them to get back on their feet, empowering them to get on with their life In a way that no other local authority or organization currently are. Providing a space for local groups and charities to meet without financial Strain
The objective behind Boomerang Cardiff and result we want to achieve is one of a simple nature, to empower people to live their lives to the best of their ability with a sense of achievement and their dignity intact.
Our target audience is anybody and everybody with a genuine need without discrimination or prejudice including low income working families.