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How does it work?

We at Boomerang Cardiff work on the basis of NEEDS not WANTS.

For example, a single person may need a bed, but wants a double bed. We will only offer a single person, a single bed. Double beds are strictly reserved for couples/families

How do I get help?

If you are in receipt of benefits you will need to be referred via the housing options team if they have a duty of care for you, or your housing association.

If you are working, come down to our centre with the relevant documents for discounted prices on furniture

Is it expensive?

We try our very best to give our customers the very best quality furniture for the lowest possible price. 

I can't collect, do you deliver?

We do offer a delivery service and that does come at a small cost. We use an outside delivery company called Dymond Removals who subsidies his rates specifically for us as we are a charity and they themselves believe in what we all do.
Single Item Delivery – £25
Multi Item Delivery – £40

Do I need to bring anything with me?

If you are a support worker, please bring your organisations ID

If your working, please bring a wage-slip or proof of wages.

Can I browse or look at items?

If you have been referred to us by your housing association or housing options team then no. Items will be free.

If you are working and wish to pay per item then yes

Im on benefits, why can't I look at items I'm requesting?

All furniture that we gift out has been deemed fully functional and fit for purpose.
If you have been referred to us via relevant organisations then they have identified a NEED for furniture, and you will be provided what you NEED, not what you WANT

What if I don't like an item that gets delivered?

You are under no obligation to accept ANY items that are delivered, just tell the driver, and he will bring them back. 

Will I then get a refund?

Unfortunately not, as we don’t charge for any of the items and as delivery of the item(s) was still carried out.

How do I donate my unwanted furniture?

We encourage anybody that can, to drop any donations to our centre in Splott. If you are unable to do this simply give us a call on (029) 20497724 and ask to book a collection or private message us on our Facebook page.

Do you collect for free?


What items will you collect?

We will only collect working, good quality and fully functional items of furniture/electrical goods such as Sofas, Beds, Wardrobes, White goods etc.

Do you collect clothes?

We will accept clothes, however, at this time we are unable to actively come and just collect clothes

How long will I have to wait?

There is usually a 2-3 week waiting list for collections

But I need it gone today?

We can give you a number for a trusted removal company who will charge accordingly and anything that can be re-used they will bring to us.

How can I get involved?

We are always on the lookout for new volunteers for a number of different roles. You will need to pick up a volunteer application form our centre.