People In Pain Support Group

Every Tuesday
11am – 2pm
This is a support group for people suffering in pain, wether it be physical or mental, this group focuses of wellness and wellbeing. Everybody is welcome to come along and share experiences, make new friends and take part in a nunber of planned activities such as Raiki, Tai Chi, Yoga and more…

Veterans Hub/Support group for people suffering with PTSD/CPTSD

Every Thursday
6pm – 8pm
This is a weekly group and is to support people suffering with PTSD/CPTSD. Providing a safe, welcoming, non judgmental environment where people can come to support each other and share experiences.

Debt and Money Advice Clinic

Mondays (fortnightly)
1pm – 3pm
Information about debt and money advice. Information on benefit entitlement or just help filling in the forms. From saving money on energy, water grants for essential household appliances, general managing money and food bank vouchers for people in crisis (ID & proof of issue needed)
Advice is free, confidential and impartial. No appointment needed

NEXT SESSION: Monday 12th November